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Free Scarsdale Diet

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This is the famous Scarsdale Diet based on chemical reactions rather than on quantities of foods. You should be able to maintain energy levels while loosing up to 20 pounds in 14 days. This diet is not recommended for cardiac patients, and no one should stay on it for more than 14 days at a time.

Use lean meat only. Prepare all foods without oil or mayonnaise. Both lemon and vinegar should be used on salads. No substitutions, or alcohol and no between meals snacks except raw carrots and celery. Drink coffee black and tea plain. Sugar substitutes and diet drinks are permitted.

BREAKFAST- The same every day: One half grapefruit, one slice dry protien toast,(I did not know what protien bread was, so I went to Wal-Mart and found a bread similiar that works just as well, "Healthy Life" with the label "High Protein Restricted Carb Dieting") coffee or tea.

MONDAY- Lunch: Lean cold cuts, tomato slices, coffee or tea. Dinner: Broiled fish, salad, one slice toast, grapefruit, coffee or tea.

TUESDAY- Lunch: Fruit salad (any kind and as much as you like). Dinner: Plenty of steak, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, brussel sprouts or cucumbers, coffee or tea.

WEDNESDAY- Lunch: Tuna fish or salmon salad with lemon and vinegar, grapefruit, coffee or tea. Dinner: Two lamb chops, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, coffee or tea.

THURSDAY- Lunch: Cold chicken, raw or cooked spinach, coffee or tea. Dinner: Two eggs, cottage cheese, cooked cabbage, one piece protein toast, coffee or tea.

FRIDAY- Lunch: Assorted cheese slices, raw or cooked spinach, one piece protein toast, coffee or tea. Dinner: Broiled fish, salad (as many vegetables as desired), one piece protein toast, coffee or tea.

SATURDAY- Lunch: Fruit salad, coffee or tea. Dinner: Cold chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit, coffee or tea.

SUNDAY- Lunch: Hot or cold chicken, tomatoes, carrots, cooked cabbage or broccali or cauliflower, grapefruit, coffee or tea. Dinner: Plenty of steak, celery, cucumbers or brussel sprouts, tomatoes, coffee or tea.

In addition the diet provides an alternative meal to be substituted for any lunch. It consists of one-half cup low fat pot cheese, one tablespoon low-fat sour cream with sliced fruit, six walnuts or pecans and a diet drink.

Dieters who wish to lose more weight may return to the 14 day diet after two or three weeks. During the interim period, eat no more than two or three slices of protein bread daily and avoid sugar, diet gelatin or sherbert. Alcohol should be restricted to one and one-half ounces a day.

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