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Cybergenics Body Furnace
AM PM Weight Loss Products


I am curious to see if anyone knows where I can find Cybergenics Body Furnace? I heard commercials on the radio about it, but no website given, only phone number. It had AM and PM weight loss products designed to stimulate your tyro gland and help you achieve rapid weight loss by increase of metabolism which helps to slim down by burning body fat 24 hours a day without losing sleep. I used Cybergenics Body Furnace years back and lost a good 25 pounds. But I cant find it in the stores?


I never heard of it, but I found the site. I could be wrong but this seems they now call it Quicktrim, see below:

"Cybergenics Quicktrim AM Formula - Helps boost your metabolism to burn more calories and fat, while giving you energy and controling your hunger and cravings.

Cybergenics Quicktrim PM Formula - Helps you continue to burn fat even while your sleep. It will also help you to shed unwanted water weight and bloat and even has natural herbs to help you sleep better."

Anyway the website is Cybergenics Quicktrim

For all Cybergenics Products go to:Cybergenics Products

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