Four Basic MMA Moves

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Learning Four Basic MMA Moves With an Elevation Mask

Whether youíre watching at home or using elevation training to become the MMAís greatest fighter youíre probably interested in learning some basic MMA techniques. Watching fighters in the octagons punch it out is one thing, but actually learning their moves takes tireless work and precise practice. Here are four basic moves that you should add to your fighting arsenal.

A jab is the first move that many fighters learn as they begin their journey towards MMA stardom. The simplest explanation of a jab is that itís a straight punch to an opponentís face. Yet we use jabs for much more than causing damage to our opponents. Jabs can be used to draw opponents out of their cages as well as to hit them with a final KO blow. Efficiently using a jab involves establishing a rhythm, decent footwork, and knowing when to attack.

To the novice MMA fighter or spectator a jab may look awfully similar to a jab. However, an overhand punch is less frequently used than a jab, and resembles the trajectory of a baseball throw than a straight punch to the face of an opponent. Overhand punches are primarily used to overpower and do serious damage to the opposition. To watch an overhand punch being executed with perfection look no further than UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.

Round Kick
The MMA version of the round kick most closely resembles a muay thai round kick. By this we mean that the kick is aimed to do damage to the lower part of the shin rather than the chest or face. To execute a round kick youíll need to step and pivot on the foot thatís most forward and thrust the hip in order to swing the kicking leg in front of the most forward leg.

Throwing a Knee
A double-collar tie finds its origins in wrestling and muay thai. It involves placing both hands on the top of the opponentís head, one over the other with the forearms pinned to your opponentís jaws. When you have control of your opponent youíll want to create space by pushing their head down in order to make room for the knee to the chest/face. Once the opposition has sustained a few knees to the ribcage they probably wonít last for much longer. Cultivate your stamina in the octagon when you train with an elevation mask.

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