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Help on using the Percent Body Fat (YMCA) Calculator

This page explains how to use the Percent Body Fat (YMCA) calculator in the FitWise Fitness Calculator. You can add the FitWise Fitness Calculator to your website in only a few minutes (for free)!

Given your gender, your waist (in inches), and your current weight (in lbs.), the FitWise Fitness Calculator displays your predicted percentage of body fat using the YMCA method.

With the FitWise Fitness Calculator displayed:
  • Use the Previous/Next buttons to display the Body Fat (YMCA) page.
  • Choose the appropriate gender radio button.
  • Enter the requested information in the two text fields.
Your predicted percentage of body fat will be displayed.

The percent body fat helps you understand your how fit you are.

Use the Body Fat (Circumference) calculator to determine your predicted body fat using the the Tran and Weltman method (which requires several additional measurements). Use the Ideal Weight calculator to determine your ideal body weight based on the World Health Organization's classifications of obesity.

You can drag the "needle" in the scale to see what you would need to weight at various body fat percentages.

From a book with a title similar to The YMCA Guide to Physical Fitness Assessement.

The body fat percentage categories used in the scale came from the American Council on Exercise's (ACE's) Personal Trainer Manual, Second Edition, page 192.

The calculations used in the FitWise Calculator are believed to be accurate. However, no warranty of accuracy is made and bugs and/or program malfunctions may cause incorrect results. Be sure to consult your doctor or exercise professional before using any of the information contained on FitWise.Com or within the FitWise Fitness Calculator.

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