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Crucial Diet of Chris Hemsworth

     After having undergone long hours of training and diet to achieve Thor's body, Chris Hemsworth went from muscle to thinness to film In the Heart of the Sea, which premiered at the end of 2015.

     One of the conditions that many Hollywood actors have faced is the modification of their body for certain characters. Now, Chris Hemsworth revealed how he should prepare to play the sailor Owen Chase in the film In the Heart of the Sea, which premiered in December 2015.

     That way the actor had to undergo an extreme diet to move from the muscular Thor to a shipwrecked Chase. When the actor was training and doing the diet for his role of Thor, he consumed about 3000 calories a day, and to achieve the right body to interpret Chase, he had to reduce his diet to 500, 600, 700 calories a day, for three or four weeks. It was a challenge to have to change his diet drastically, and it was very dangerous for Chris to have to consume so few calories. However, he always had medical supervision that cared and looked after him. The directors of the film were surprised how Chris could memorize the lines, because they knew that the actor was going hungry.

     A person like Hemsworth, a 6-foot-3 man, would need at least 2400 per day to survive. A sandwich can have up to 500 calories. This was a test and an example of what actors are capable of doing to get a part in a movie.

     Chris had to undergo fifteen hours of fasting and eat only salads and a little protein. It was very hard, the process that had to happen for the actor to play the role of the shipwrecked Owen Chase. It is an unpleasant aspect but there are things that have to happen for some actors if they want to get the best roles for the best films. After getting used to spending many hours of training and eating all day, having a change of pace like this was not so easy. The actor always had to stay in supervision with doctors because of the low amount of calories he was consuming. For a person accustomed to exercise and eating in large proportions, it is not a very comfortable or pleasant change.

     Having to reduce protein, fat, carbohydrates, and other foods is a drastic change for anyone who leads a life of constant exercise. However, in the world of acting, this is the price that many actors must pay to be able to get the best contracts and get better profits. Not all Hollywood actors are willing to make such sacrifices. That is why many still do not leave their comfort zone and remain stagnant in a single stage.

     The part that food pays for the actors, in particular for Chris, was very important to realize two of its greater interpretations, Thor and Owen Chase. Two totally different characters of body, mind, stage and many things. When Hemsworth was training to get the role for Thor, he was very motivated, even though he sometimes felt compelled to eat, but that kept him happy for a long time while he was preparing and during the recording period. Having spent so much time training, eating a lot, they invited him to be part of this great movie. but he knew that he had to lose the ten kilos he had gained. The actor set himself the goal of getting the role and decided to undergo the established diet of 700 calories maximum a day. If a sandwich can have up to 500 calories then Hemsworth could get to eat just one sandwich daily and stick to the meal plan for the movie recording. On several occasions, the actor became dehydrated due to the lack of calories and food in his body, however this was not an impediment for him to continue recording the film.

     Chris was able to get the role and develop his protagonism in the film based on a true story. It was so real that he put himself in the place of the shipwreck and imitated him exactly the same to maintain the essence, the confidence, and the passion to feel everything that had to happen at that moment. To live a shipwrecked life should not be easy. Even being a movie, Chris had to stop eating many things to get the right look and look as much as possible like the real character.

     After finishing the filming, the actor showed his gratitude and decided that it was time to indulge a little. He made sure and took advantage of eating everything he could not eat during the recording. Pizzas, burgers, ice cream, cakes, and all the things that were not on the menu. Today, Hemsworth leads a healthy life, with food and complete nutrition and the right number of calories. The actor returned to physical activities to compensate for heavy and high fat meals and made sure to stay in good shape since you never know when another important role may arise where a good body and a good appearance is required.

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