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Where Can I Buy Cybergenics?

Whatever happened to Cybergenics? What's the latest scoop on Quick Trim and other Cybergenics products? I had tried Cybergenics 10 years ago and had great results. Does anyone know if Cybergenics is still available?


We are pleased to say the New Cybergenics 14 Day Quick Trim is in stock for immediate shipment. Quick Trim remains the most requested, and effective diet product that we've known. The people who needed to lose some weight quickly, were the ones who responded most aggressively to make the product available again.

We send by priority mail, so if you order today you can get started in just a few days!

To Buy Now Go To: Quicktrim 14 day Weight loss

For Retail Sales On The Other Products Go To: Cybergenics

It was because of comments like those listed below that the products are again available.

I recently completed the Cyber Genics 60 day program. I am very satisfied with the results as I lost 4 inches from my waist, I went from 38 to 34 inches, and I have put on about 12 pounds of muscle mass. My wife is amazed.



I would also like to say nothing can ever come close to the results you see from any Cybergenics product.... I am happy to see the products are back .. it is greatly appreciated!

Cybergenics Fan

I used Cybergenics years ago, for about 3 months and the results where stunning. I could never gain weight or muscle. After the 3 months program I gained about 20lbs in muscle. I'm stupid because of letting it go for troubles that where going into my life at that time. Now I'm 52 years old and I don't feel good at all. I lost Cybergenics. I could not find it anymore on the market. Now finally I tried again on my computer and there it is. I want to go on the program again. THANKS CYBERGENICS. I will do it again.

Charles Ellul.

Thank you for bringing them back. Do you have the Cybergenics 14 Day Quick Trim kits on hand? I would like to order several. I have been looking for that product for 3 years now.


My husband and I started using Cybergenics in 1991. I was an Aerobics Instructor and didn't really do many weights. We had seen person after person in different places with my husband in the US Army using Cybergenics. We were so impressed everytime we saw it's results we started to be interested in using it.

From the first 60 days we used Cybergenics both of us changed for the better never before seeing such results in the period of time. We both lowered our bodyfat and increased our muscle. The thing I loved was the big improvement in my energy level. We both changed so much that the Gold's Gym we trained at asked us to enter their Bodybuilding show. Finally when they wouldn't leave us alone we entered winning everything. I won the Women's Lightweight, Masters, Overall and Mixed Pairs with my husband. They sponsored me and gave me a job also. The rest is history, over 30 competitions later I hold alot of titles, I have only placed second about 4 times, and only to the girl who won the overall each time.

My titles have included........

NPC-IFBB California Mixed Pairs, 2nd Light Weight Women's IFBB [All 8 Local competitions] All Women's Light Weight Women's, Women's Masters, Women's Overall and Mixed Pairs INBA California all classes

Europe IFBB - 3 wins all classes plus "Women's European Armed Forces" all classes

Australia IFBB Short Class Australian Title

Australia INBA [all classes] 2002 -2004 "MISS OLYMPIA" TITLES 3 Times!!!!

All competitions I have used the 60 day cycle Cybergenics

I have lived in alot of countries and I have never seen a plan that is a COMPLETE LIFESTYLE with training and eating and supplements. I LOVE IT!!! I always feel confident that I will look great, peak and have energy to do it. All these years later I still use the training and eating style. Nothing I have seen or used has had the huge influence on me like Cybergenics. The only thing I don't understand is why aren't they HUGE because they are a wonderful tool to use.

Thank you

Leanne Allen

I am VERY Pleased to see you are carrying the Cybergenics products. I cannot find them anywhere in the USA and the Quick Trim is the only weightloss program I have every had success with. Any other Cybergenics products you can carry that I may try once I lose fat and then start working on my muscle structure will be beneficial since I cannot acquire the products here in Texas.


Nicole L. L

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