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Cybergenics Workout?

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I'd like some information from people who have tried Cybergenics. What is the exercise routine like? Is this training something I could do in my gym, which gets very crowded -- do you have to do any exercises back-to-back, or as supersets, or in some other way that would be undermined if you had to wait between exercises? Also, did you think your results were worth the effort?


I have done the Cybergenics training routines. First thing: you really need a partner to do the program successfully. You will get some benfit if you do it by yourself, but not the full benfit. You work out six days a week, each day different muscle groups. The box of different pills that you take comes with a manual that tells what exercises you do on that particular day. Each exercise is a series of sets of positive and negative reps with very little time to rest in between sets. The object of the routine is to completely tire out the muscle. That is the reason you need a partner.

What the program does for you is great. The program will really build and tighten your muscles. Your muscles will be hard all the time, and it will really increase your endurance, because of the lack of time in between each set of your workout. If you have the time and money to do the program, you really have to stick with it, but you will like the results!


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