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Ecdysterone Supplement Review

Q. I've come across this term a few times while looking at some sites online, many say it is the next big thing. Is it really all these web sites make it out to be? One of the sites says "Ecdysterone can increase lean muscle tissue by 7% and decrease body fat by 10% in only ten days". Call me a skeptic, but this sounds WAY to good to be true. So what are the real benefits of this supplement and how effective is it?

A. Here is some information on scientific studies and reviews for this supplement.

Ecdysterone compared to methandrostenolone (D-bol): The action of methandrostenolone and ecdysterone on the physical endurance of animals and on protein metabolism in the skeletal muscles. Author: Chermnykh NS ; Shimanovskiši NL ; Shutko GV ; Syrov VN Farmakol Toksikol, 51(6):57-60 1988 Nov-Dec Abstract: The results of the comparative study on the myotropic activity of methandrostenolone and ecdysterone and their effects on physical endurance of animals suggested that ecdysterone possessing a wider spectrum of the anabolic action on the contractile proteins of the skeletal muscles exerts a more pronounced influence on physical endurance of animals without their preliminary training. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This study shows anabolic effects with no andrgenic effects as compared to D-bol: Anabolic activity of phytoecdysone-ecdysterone isolated from Rhaponticum carthamoides. Author: Syrov VN ; Kurmukov AG Farmakol Toksikol, 39(6):690-3 1976 Nov-Dec Abstract: Introduction of phytiexdizone-exdisterone (0.5 mg/100 g) to rats for 7 days is shown to be attended by an accelerated body weight gain and also by a rising weight of the liver, heart, kidneys and musculus tibialis anterior. In these organs the total amount of protein increases. All of the above-stated changes are more marked when the substance is given to growing rats (70--80 g). In experiments on castrated sexually immature rats the androgenic action of exdisterone, unlike that of methandrostenolone, is not demonstrable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Positive insulin response: The effect of nerobol and ecdysterone on insulin-dependent processes linked normally and in insulin resistance Author: Kosovskiši MI ; Syrov VN ; Mirakhmedov MM ; Katkova SP ; Khushbaktova ZA Probl Endokrinol (Mosk), 35(5):77-81 1989 Sep-Oct Abstract: The effect of substances with anabolic activity (metandienone and ecdysterone phytoecdysteroid) on the manifestation of insulin effects was studied on a model of insulin resistance in rats induced by injections of hydrocortisone or by insulin insufficiency caused by alloxan. The sensitivity of the body to i. v. infusion of insulin and the reactivity of isolated fatty tissue to the hormone were increased after administration of these substances to test animals. The above effects of steroids were determined by nonspecific synthesis of total proteins in cells rather than by an increase in insulin secretion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also a very very strong adaptogen and antioxidant: Antioxidant effect of 20-hydroxyecdysone in a model system Kuz'menko AI - Ukr Biokhim Zh - 1999 May-Jun; 71(3): 35-8 Original Title: Izuchenie antiokislitel'nogo effekta 20-gidroksiekdizona v model'noi sisteme. Abstract: Changes in the level of lipid free-radical oxidation in mitochondrial fraction at the presence of 20-hydroxyecdysone in 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 microM concentration with the help of a chemiluminescence (ChL) method were investigated in vitro. Statistically authentic reduction of ChL kinetic parameters--I(s) and tg alpha, at 20-hydroxyecdysone presence in concentration of 2 microM was found. 20-hydroxyecdysone administration in concentration 4 microM and more leads to the statistically authentic change of all four ChL parameters. The antioxidizing effect of 20-hydroxyecdysone was compared with action of such antioxidant as a hydroquinone. The higher activity of 20-hydroxyecdysone as an antioxidant in comparison with the hydroquinone was shown. For changes of all four measured kinetic parameters of ChL, concentration of the hydroquinone as much 2-fold than for 20-hydroxyecdysone is necessary. On the basis of our researches in the model system a conclusion was made that 20-hydroxyecdysone has an antioxidizing action on lipid free radical oxidation in mitochondrial fraction in dependents on concentration. 20-Hydroxyecdysone has antioxidizing properties directly, in these conditions in vitro, when its metabolites formation does not occur yet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insect hormones in vertebrates: anabolic effects of 20-hydroxyecdysone in Japanese quail. Slama K - Experientia - 1996 Jul 15; 52(7): 702-6 Authors: Slama K; Koudela K; Tenora J; Mathova A Abstract: Ecdysteroids are hormones controlling cell proliferation, growth and the developmental cycles of insects and other invertebrates. They are occasionally present in various unrelated plants for no apparent reason; no phytohormonal function has yet been identified. In certain cases, ecdysteroids are accumulated to high levels in leaves, roots or seeds. Some ecdysteroid-containing plants have been known as medicinal plants for centuries. One of them, Leuzea carthamoides Iljin (Asteraceae), growing in Central Asia, contains 0.4% ecdysteroid in dry roots and 2% in seeds. A pharmacological preparation from this plant, "Ecdisten', is already available as a commercial preparation for its anabolic, tonic and other effects, for medical use (review). It remained problematic, however, whether ecdysteroids were truly responsible for these effects, because Leuzea contains a number of other biologically active compounds in addition to ecdysteroids. We extracted and purified ecdysteroids from the seeds of Leuzea. With 6 g of 96% 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E), we made a large-scale feeding assay with Japanese quail to find out whether ecdysteroid alone could duplicate the anabolic effects of the seeds. We found that the 96% ecdysteroid increased the mass of the developing quails in a dose-dependent manner, with the rate of increase proportional to the ecdysteroid content in the seeds; there was a 115% increase in living mass with 100 mg kg-1 of pure 20E compared with 109.5% increase with 100-180 mg kg-1 20E equivalents in the seeds. We conclude that the plethora of growth-promoting, vitamin-like effects induced in vertebrates by Leuzea is mediated by ecdysteroids. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An experimental study of the hepatoprotective properties of phytoecdysteroids and nerobol in carbon tetrachloride-induced liver lesion: Eksp Klin Farmakol 1992 May-Jun;55(3):61-5 Syrov VN, Khushbaktova ZA, Nabiev AN The phytoecdisteroids ecdisterone and cyasterone were administered in a dose of 5 mg/kg per os to rats with hepatitis induced by subcutaneous injections of CCl4. Similarly to the anabolic drug nerobol (10 mg/kg), the above agents not only interfere with the manifestation of the hepatic action of CCl4 (in this case the effect of the phytoecdisteroids is more remarkable) but also favour a more rapid normalization, as compared to the control, of functional and metabolic disorders in the liver. The phytoecdisteroids and nerobol noticeably stimulate the recovery of bile secretion, the synthesis of bilirubin and bile acids, cholesterol excretion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Effects of vitamin D3 and ecdysterone on free-radical lipid peroxidation: Biochemistry (Mosc) - 1997 Jun; 62(6): 609-12 Authors: Kuzmenko AI; Morozova RP; Nikolenko IA; Korniets GV; Kholodova YuD Abstract: Free-radical-induced lipid peroxidation was studied in vivo by measuring chemiluminescence of tissues from vitamin D-deficit animals before and after peroral administration of low-molecular-weight biological steroids vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and ecdysterone. The kinetics of lipid chemiluminescence in model systems in vitro were determined in blood serum and microsomal and mitochondrial fractions of the liver. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and ecdysterone displayed antiradical properties; the latter was more potent in this respect. Oxidation of lipids by hydroxyl groups contained in ecdysterone can account for its antiradical effect. Ecdysterone and D3 may cause antiradical effects through the same mechanisms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Effect of vitamin D3 and 20-hydroxyecdysone on the content of ATP, creatine phosphate, carnosine and Ca2+ in skeletal muscles. Kholodova IuD; Tugai VA; Zimina VP - Ukr Biokhim Zh - 1997 May-Jun; 69(3): 3-9 Abstract: The effect of vitamin D3, and extract containing 20-hydroxyecdysone on the level of basic metabolites in the skeletal muscles of rats has been studied. It was shown that development of D-hypovitaminosis is accompanied by the decrease in content of ATP, creatine phosphate, carnosine, and by the increase of Ca2+ content. Against the background of D-hypovitaminosis the 20-hydroxyecdysone promote the increase of the amount of these metabolites up to the control of one and normalize Ca2+ content in them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alterations in rat lipid metabolism following ecdysterone treatment. Catalan RE - Comp Biochem Physiol [B] - 1985; 81(3): 771-5 Authors: Catalan RE; Martinez AM; Aragones MD; Miguel BG; Robles A; Godoy JE Abstract: The influence of ecdysterone on the lipid metabolism in liver and adipose tissue from rat was investigated using 14C-acetate and 32P-orthophosphate as precursors. Ecdysterone produced an increase in 14C-acetate incorporation into triglycerides. A concomitant decrease in free fatty acids and diglycerides was observed. The effect of ecdysterone on triglyceride lipase activity was investigated and a significant decrease was found. Ecdysterone produced a significant increase in the specific activity of phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylserine in liver. On the contrary, the specific activity of phosphatidylcholine was reduced. In adipose tissue, the most evident effect observed was the increase of specific activity of phosphatidylcholine. These results contribute to knowledge of the heterophylic action of ecdysterone.

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