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Need Help Staying Committed to Your Workout Routine? Read on!

Staying committed to your workout routine is one of the hardest mountains to climb. Whether you are just now launching into a fitness plan with a gym day pass or a flexible gym membership, keeping your promise to yourself to go to the gym can be tough.

Now, of course, there are always those few among us who can motivate themselves by borrowing Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” and literally “Just Do It” when it comes to working out. But, for us mere mortals of the world, “Just Do It” can be easier said than done!

How can you make it easy?! Well, you’ll be happy to know the answer is simple: you just have to figure out how you can make it fun. Why do any of us do what we do? We do what we do because we like to do it! So, your goal to stay committed should include finding a way to make going to the gym a fun event for yourself.

How can you make going to the gym something you feel good about and look forward to? We have a couple of simple tips that might turn things around for you!

Tip #1: Selfie It Up

Borrow an idea or two from some of those stars you see on social media. They are constantly posting about things they’re proud of. So why don’t you do it? Make it a point to take a hot selfie every time you finish a workout at the gym. Post your selfie with a nice caption like “Day 3 of meeting those fitness goals #NoExcuses” or something short, simple, and to the point, like “Getting my cardio on.” Posting to social media can help you stay accountable and will probably also get your friends to encourage you! Just don’t post too publicly if you’re worried about trolls!

Tip #2: Expand Your Circle

Another way to stay motivated at the gym is to make friends with some of the trainers or other gym employees. A friendly “Hi” as you pass by can brighten both your day and theirs and will help you feel happy about going to the gym because of the small but meaningful new connections you are making.

Also, take the occasional class or training session at the gym to reward yourself for all of your hard work. This will help put you into a position in which you can connect with like-minded people who care about their bodies and are working at being healthier!

Tip #3: Start with Small Fitness Goals!

Some of us get super excited about new ventures. We decide we are going to go all out and we set crazy-high goals. The problem is, sometimes new routines become habits more easily if they are gradually introduced. So, instead of making plans to go to the gym three times per week, just pick one day. Choose one day and say “Okay, on >insert day< nothing is going to stop me from spending some time at the gym.” Then go!

Get a great workout in. Maybe stick to just one machine; some of those machines can be tough to figure out after all! And after your workout, leave feeling like a boss; cause hey, you are. Whenever you manage to reach a goal you have for yourself, you’re a boss. 

Tip #4: Find a Great Way to Reward Yourself

Try to figure out something that you enjoy that you can use to reward yourself after every workout. We don’t mean the old idea about eating whatever you want, though if that helps, by all means try it. This tip is more about finding another fun activity you like to do, and using that as a motivating reward for yourself.

My favourite reward is this one: for every 60 minutes of a workout, you get 30 minutes of binge television time. With that in mind, you’ll probably get a really positive workout in because you’ll have something relaxing to look forward to. Think about a favourite show that is going to be waiting for you after your workout!

If shows aren’t your thing, then try to think of something you really enjoy and say to yourself “Hey, if I get all of my workouts in this week, then on Saturday... >you fill in the blank<.” This can really work sometimes! Reward yourself until working out itself becomes enjoyable. Trust us, in time it will!

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