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Looking to Lift Heavy? Here's the Best Activewear

When it comes to lifting heavy weights, you need to focus on free-range movement as much as possible. The good news is, most people do but there are the occasional few that do not. You can easily guess that proper attire for heavy lifting might connotate mens gym shorts, a t-shirt, and some tennis shoes - which you'd be correct up until the last one. When you are lifting heavy weights, it is important to have flat-footed shoes, all the free-range attires you've already mentioned and some other cool suggestions, which we will cover in this article.

The Purpose of Flat Footed Shoes

First and foremost, flat-footed shoes are important for stabilization during heavy lifts. Most heavy lifts are one of the following:

       The Squat

       The Bench

       The Deadlift

These are affectionately dubbed: The Big Three. In powerlifting, you want to focus heavily on form as these lifts are generally at heavier weights but fewer repetitions. Now, because there are fewer repetitions, you can focus on form and maintain that form throughout sets to prevent injury. If you went to lift 280-350 lbs. of weight on tennis shoes the potential to lose your stabilization skyrockets. Whereas, wearing flat-footed shoes gives you a more solid base to perform your workouts correctly.

Free-Range Attire: Mens Gym Shorts & T-Shirt:

Next up on our list of proper heavy-lifting attire are the mens gym shorts and the shirt. It is important to wear clothes that feel comfortable to you and don't feel too heavy. Even when it gets cold outside, I recommend that you continue to pick clothing options that emphasize free-range-movement. This essentially means no sweaters, no pants, no khakis, no tight sweatpants, look for as much potential to bend as possible. Not only will doing this allow for your lifts to be more complete or your squats to be deeper, but it will also allow you the comfort you need while lifting heavy. Let's be real, when you are deep in a squat on 200 lbs., it's kind of uncomfortable (but at the same time so damn rewarding), so make sure your clothes are free ranged too.

Any normal t-shirt will work, and any normal pair of workout shorts for men will work.

A Nifty Alternative: The Singlet:

When you look at a weightlifting competition, most of the dudes are going to be wearing some sort of singlet that you may see also being worn during a wrestling match. This is because the singlet keeps everything in place and is likely one of the least cumbersome articles of clothing available to a workout. Now, whether you choose to wear a singlet day-to-day to the gym is up to you, but it is an efficient option!

Where to go to Buy Some Good Workout Clothes:


If you're looking to find some cool looking mens gym shorts, t-shirts, tanks, and more for working out, I recommend you check out Differio at Differio has a broad selection of options that look epic and different at the same time. There's no doubt that you will be known as the most stylish, and champion lifter at your gym when you shop from them.

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