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Weight Loss after Menopause

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As we age, we tend to gain weight. Weight loss at any age can be a challenge, but weight loss after menopause can be especially difficult. This is because loss of muscle mass becomes much more rapid after menopause. Also, some of the fat consuming efficiency of muscle that is not lost may decline with the decrease in estrogen production that occurs after menopause.

Muscle tissue burns calories at a much higher rate than fat; so with less muscle mass and less efficient muscle mass, after menopause weight loss is a challenge at best.

The good news is there are ways to meet the challenge and lose weight after menopause. Loss of muscle mass can be offset with strengthening exercises that build muscle back. Of course, any exercise will burn calories and help foster weight loss, but resistance training is best for building muscle. Sit-ups, pushups and weight training are among the best exercises for building muscle. Even short sessions of lifting five to eight pound free weights can help.

If exercise alone doesn’t do the trick, replacing estrogen may help the body to function a bit more like it did before. There are natural estrogens in foods such as soy products, as well as supplements that contain natural estrogens that may help foster overall health as well as help you lose weight after menopause. In some cases, estrogen replacement therapy is warranted. This should be discussed with a medical professional.

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