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Mike Mentzer Happiest Client!

by Derek Hardy

I would like to preface this interview first by thanking Ali Ahadpour for his testimonial. I found Ali's story similar to mine and I hope some readers will not have to waste years marathon weight training, before trusting the reasoning power of their mind and have full confidence in Heavy Duty training.

Derek: Ali, please let our readers know about what kind of training you have been doing up until 3 months ago.

Ali: My background in training started about 8 years ago when I was 15 years old. Ever since I started I've tried every single program you could purchase, for example Innervation training, Body Contract-Duchaine's, Arnolds, Weider, POF, Periodization, non Periodization, Pyramid system, 5 x 10, 3 x 10 ....... need I go on?

Derek: I get your point. What kind of results did you get from your use of those prior mentioned training systems.

Ali: I really had nothing to show for my results, I basically looked the same. You couldn't tell the difference between me and someone who did not lift weights.

Derek: What made you decide to try Heavy Duty?

Ali: I saw an ad for Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty training and then I read some of his articles and it made perfect sense to me. I placed an order for his book and video.

Derek: Tell us about your results.

Ali: Since I started 3 months ago I have gained 23 pounds of muscle, I look like I just went through a complete physical metamorphosis! I don't know what my exact body fat percentage was when I started with Mike's training. All I know is my waist size has gone down 2 inches from a 34 to a 32 inch waist and now that I have more muscle I eat more calories because my metabolism has increased.

Derek: What about your strength?

Ali: Strength increases have been phenomenal, going up on major multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts and dips anywhere between 35 to 50 percent increases. As Mike pointed out with strength increases so will muscle size.

Derek: What was your initial reaction when Mike first outlined the Heavy Duty workout?

Ali: My reaction was no way, no way this can work. It flies against all quote un-quote conventional wisdom that you're taught, you know you have to work out and got to be constantly in the gym. I thought oh no, I'll probably atrophy even the small amount of muscle I have. I was totally wrong about that I never knew the amount of muscle gains I was capable of achieving.

Derek: So, basically would you say you were afraid, kind of a fear that...

Ali: Yeah! Definitely afraid, and even.. this is a fear... even the very little muscular development I had but even then I was thinking; I'm going to lose everything that I worked so hard for 7 years which was very minimal or miniscule to say the very least and I thought I was going to lose that by trying this radical system. But I was severely mistaken, all this time I really was, believe it or not overtraining. I wouldn't believe it or I didn't want to believe it. Now I see that this is exactly how much time it takes for the body to recover from high intensity training stress. I have definitely been mistaken all along.

Derek: Before you changed over to Heavy Duty had you ever heard about it? While you were trying all these other programs?

Ali: I had heard about it in passing I had read some books referring to Arthur Jones and the Nautilus phenomenon and certain body builders like Mike Mentzer and Casey Viator who utilized short high intensity training. I really didn't give it that much thought. I just figured that this is like anything else in the world, you just model what the majority of the top bodybuilders said to do--ultra marathon routines. Like 20 sets per body part stuff like that, I figured it was just like any other aspect of life you just model them and get the results. I was really mistaken because obviously these top pro bodybuilders are on every type of anabolic in existence using outrageous quantities and this I've learned greatly enhances recovery ability. Getting back to your question yeah, I heard about it (Heavy Duty) before but it didn't really start to click in until I read Mike Mentzer's book and really understanding what he was saying.

Derek: What kind of advice would you give to others that are in the position you were in before you switched over to Heavy Duty. Most everybody seems to be training multiple sets and days. Maybe they are afraid, have some fear or are skeptical even though they see Dorian Yates uses this program and he was Mr. Olympia.

Ali: Unless they're taking steroids and growth hormone they're all in my shoes and I guarantee you I used to work out with them every day in the gym, and they were just like me--miniscule results. I mean it just seems futile why put in so much time, effort, money, gym membership, supplements and buying every program with nothing in return? When you look the same from year in to year out and you're putting this much time in it's just insane. It's insane to keep doing the same thing and expect to get different results. You're going to have to try something different like Heavy Duty to get different results. And before they even think about anabolic steroids which came to my mind you know it's like anything if you are not going to see some progress you'll do whatever it takes, that's the mentality. I'm saying before you even look to anabolic steroids or to the next ultra marathon routine by joe blow bodybuilder, I say just give Mike's program a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, I thought I was your typical "hardgainer" that was the label I gave myself. Now I see that was wrong. I was just using the wrong training systems. I'm telling everyone before they even think about... In my opinion you can even make better results on Heavy Duty than you can using steroids, I know quite a few people who told me they've used steroids and none of them have even come close to the results I have achieved. Just by using a very simple, concise and scientific approach.

Derek: How about your friends, what has been their reaction?

Ali: My girlfriend loves it, she can't get over it because basically her boyfriend now has an amazing body. All my other friends [are] as impressed we'll go out and ... sometimes I'll now be bigger than the bouncer.

Derek: And what does your girlfriend think of now having more time available for her.

Ali: Oh much better! I mean obviously I already have time constraints as it is. I'm sure everyone else does. At the very least not only all the results you get using Heavy Duty, how would you like to get these amazing results at 10 minutes a workout? It's amazing and again I'm not doing any aerobic activity, I have much more time for her and for school. That's the other thing--my school grades have improved because now I feel so much better I can study and I'm no longer tired from marathon training.

Derek: Well that pretty much covers it. Is there anything you would like to add.

Ali: All I can say is before you waste any more time, money, etc. I just ask you to try Heavy Duty--Mike Mentzer's routine that you've heard about a lot, give it an honest try and you will get progress immediately work out to work out. Look at the results I and others have achieved and I have no doubt that it works.

I would like to thank Ali Ahadpour again for this candid unrehearsed interview. I found him to be honest, intelligent and articulate. He mentioned to me after the interview that he was a little bit mad because he spent so many wasted years with nothing to show for results, before he was willing to trust his mind and use Heavy Duty protocol. Well I can't say he's the only one, many very successful and very intelligent people have been duped to workout multiple days and sets including yours truly. The important thing is when you make the switch to Heavy Duty you have one less problem to rack your brain with. When you switch to Heavy Duty you will have much more muscle and time allowinq the freedom to become a more productive individual and enrich all areas of life.

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Free High Intensity Bodybuilding Tips Newsletter full of useful information, exercise tips, diet tips and inspiration for us all, join today!
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