Muscle Endurance Exercises

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Muscle Endurance Workouts


Muscular endurance is the key to attaining a high level of fitness. People who engage in repetitive activities require must perform exercises that challenge them in a different way in order to improve endurance levels. Here are several great muscle endurance exercises that can be really effective.

Push-ups increase muscular endurance for the arms. Hands should always be spread shoulder-length apart during the initial stages. Reps should initially start at 15 reps and gradually increase them as endurance improves. While the bulk of the benefits results in local endurance and increases proficiency in performing push-ups, stamina can still improve. Adding reps and reducing recovery time between reps promotes endurance.

Adding calisthenics to a routine improves muscle endurance. If one has already created a workout routine for their run on the treadmill, one can then incorporate a calisthenics component to increase muscle endurance. In the middle of a run, one can jump off of the treadmill and perform multiple reps of squats of lunges. Once the number of reps has been completed, the running routine on the treadmill can then be resumed.

Calf raises are another way to improve muscle endurance. This exercise must be performed with the feet shoulder length apart. One should an attempt to stand on top of one’s calf muscles and hold the position for several seconds at a time between each rep. Over time, one can work up to more reps. Calf raises are known to improve jumping ability. The calf muscle workout routine should be done to the point of extreme fatigue in order to see the desired level of results in the area of endurance. One can start off with a small number of reps and gradually work his or her way up to 100 reps in a given day.

Resistance training is very useful in improving muscle endurance. Cable machines, resistance bands, kettlebells and similar tools are useful for performing these exercises. One effective approach is to set an amount of time aside and attempt to complete as many different reps within the allotted timeframe. Front squats, crunches, floor press and pull-ups are all good ways to accomplish these tasks. Floor presses are similar to bench presses except they are performed lying on the floor with the legs fully extended.

Building muscle endurance helps a person get more out of their regular workout routine. In addition to improving the workout performance, it can be particularly helpful in increasing energy levels throughout the day. Muscle endurance workouts should be performed between two and three times per week for maximum results.

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