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There are over 50 different techniques of training. Some are better for people looking to tone and lose weight, while others would best suit bodybuilders, power lifters or athletes. So which is best for you? Thatís where we come in. When you sign up for our programs you get expert training from a real fitness professional. Our programs are innovative and complete so you achieve your goals as fast as possible.

Whatís included with your membership:

Professional Training

Use diet and fitness programs that are created by a real fitness professional.

Customized Fitness Program

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or prepare for a sport. You can do it at home or in the gym. Our printable workout routines and exercise demonstrations are perfect to bring anywhere you go.

Nutrition Guidance

We will teach you the laws of healthy eating. From the proper foods to eat to attain your goals, to the timing of each meal.

Easy Access to Your Trainer

Have a question? Need support or motivation? Youíll have access to your trainerís personal e-mail so you can contact them at any time and receive a response with in 24 hours.


Featured information including special recipes for meals and shakes. Exercise of the month, workout tips and news to keep you updated, motivated and inspired.

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3 Months Online Personal Training $90.00

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1 Year Online Personal Training $250.00

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us, or call use at 800-635-8970 or 503-648-1898 (10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time).

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