Health Care Professionals Endorse
Naturally Painless!

Regarding this product,Viasol  makes no health claims in order that compliance with somewhat strict FDA Guidelines is in order. However, based on personal experience, reports from users and unsolicited testimonials, we know that anyone using this product can expect results and benefits as described in the endorsements and comments from users that follow. 

"This spring I had occasion to have surgery. Judith gave me a bottle of Naturally PainLess the day before my surgery. Not taking any chances, I also obtained a painkiller from my surgeon. Well, after surgery when the pain became severe, I took the painkiller. Nothing happened and it made me sick to boot. So I sprayed the area with Naturally PainLess. In less than five minutes the pain was totally gone! It never returned, as I just kept spraying the area regularly."
"I was so impressed that I gave a few bottles to the surgeon. He tried it on his other patients. It was so effective for his patients that he now uses it for post-operative recovery."
"In my office I have a bottle to try on patients who come in with aches and pains."

G.M. Sheilds, M.D.

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"My patients have regularly gotten excellent and virtually immediate relief from just spraying Painless on their body. Shoulders, necks arms, knees, backs, you name it and they've gotten relief...I have never before seen anything this effective in a natural remedy with no side effects. I endorse Painless for any type of pain with no reservations."  

Dr. J. Jutkowitz

"I have osteo-arthritis and Painless relieves the pain. I've used it for every kind of pain I've had and it works. I'm a nurse and would love to tell anybody who wants to know about it that it really works...and it's natural!"  

P. Maymir, Nurse

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"For 5 months, I had lateral epicondylitis (elbow pain) that was getting worse. The elbow muscle attachments were so sore I couldn't grip and hold a 5 lb. weight. Within several weeks the pain was reduced to a significant amount and grip strength started to return. After 2 months of use, my elbow was like new, my strength returned and I didn't lose one day of work! I recommend this product to anyone!"  

Dr. Bob Neuwirth

"One of my patients commented that Painless, was more effective than the medication by his doctor. Another hurt his shoulder playing tennis and could barely stand my touch on his skin until I sprayed some Painless on the area. He later said that Painless worked better than anything he had used in the past."  

S. Yonemoto, Physical Therapist

"I am a family physician who uses Naturally Painless on my patients with amazing success. It often miraculously seems to do just what the label states: Painless."  

Dr. Donna Alderman

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"The manufacture and production of this technology (nutrients electro-magnetically charged) are based on sound electromagnetic principles of physics. I have used them clinically since 1989 with excellent results. They are totally non-toxic. This technology represents a major breakthrough in the physical sciences and its potential is virtually unlimited in the handling of physical conditions."  

G. Denk, M.D.

"We were so happy to receive the case of Naturally Painless today. We had eight people waiting for it. You have really filled a need! We'll be sending you the testimonials from our patients."  

Dr. R. Kroft, D.C.  

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