Testimonials from Users of Naturally Painless

Regarding this product, ProSurvival 2000  makes no health claims in order that compliance with somewhat strict FDA Guidelines is in order. However, based on personal experience, reports from users and unsolicited testimonials, we know that anyone using this product can expect results and benefits as described in the endorsements and comments from users that follow.

"I could hardly bend over, backache, pulled muscles and damaged nerves in an accident. After spraying Painless one minute later my back was all better. I then had a tension headache and it went away… It really has worked for all things"

D. Taylor

"I spray my husband every night with Painless because he does construction work and he always has backaches… It works every time!"

Rosemary Aguilera

"Several months ago, I had some dental work done. I had a tooth that was giving me some pain. The work was extensive and the drilling had to go deep. Well, although the 'crown' was a success, I've been having pain in my gum ever since. I've tried other things and nothing has worked. When I got the Naturally Painless, I started using it and I can now chew on the tooth! Amazing! I also used it on the scrape, you know, one of those injuries that takes a few layers of skin and stings like mad for days (and usually gets infected). I sprayed it immediately and the pain went away and never came back. Also, no infection; it healed fast, too. Great stuff!"

Liz Ferris

"The success I have experienced with Naturally Painless has been ongoing and continues to surprise me after my initial surprise when it actually began to relieve pain! First from my neck and shoulder, then my knee which I had crushed in a fall several years ago, and even spraying my gums in my mouth where I had dental implants inserted into my jaw bone; and it works to relieve pain in all of these places. Now I use it anywhere pain comes up, including headaches. Thank you so much!"

Lynn Hopkins

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"Painless is genuinely a one of a kind and should not be confused with other so-called pain relievers. I have used it in a variety of ways and experienced results every time...pain due to muscle tension, arthritis, and even a migraine! It immediately handled the pain."

Laurie Cambique

"I was hit by an automobile while crossing the street and thrown several feet. My whole body was in agony. It was impossible to touch me…I was hurting everywhere. It was so wonderful to be able to spray all over my body since I was too sore to rub anything on it and I don’t like taking drugs. The results were miraculous! I got the most wonderful relief. The pain stopped and I could even go to sleep.

Alex Duque

"A few weeks ago, while at work, I got menstrual cramps. It was quite painful and I was not able to concentrate on my tasks. I went into the bathroom and sprayed Painless over my abdominal area. The pain stopped instantly. And it never came back! I have never experienced such instant and complete relief of pain before. This product is amazing!"

Jackie Taylor

"Had two teeth extracted and my gums were throbbing with shooting pains. My doctor sprayed my jaw with Painless and the pain just instantly quit!"

P. Clark

"I'm a basketball coach... we have used everything since athletes are in pain a lot of the time... I haven't found anything, at any price, that works like Painless."

Michael Coleman

"Painless has helped my friends and me, all avid golfers, when our hands stiffen up. Some of us have arthritis in our hands and the spray helps during play. A good friend got relief from a torn tendon using “ Painless."

D. Hoffman

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"My 10 year old son plays soccer and gets kicked in the calves and the thighs with cleats constantly. Painless relieves the pain faster than icing does!"

Mary J.

"My biggest success with Painless is using it for my back. I carry my 5 year old son around and get backaches often. It takes the pain away in 5 minutes...love this stuff!"

M. Jasminski

"I've done everything to get rid of arthritic pain in my knee to no avail. But just five minutes after spraying Painless the pain was relieved...able to walk, bend and move my knees...plus the swelling has gone down. This really works!"

E. Griffin

"I use Naturally Painless on my knee in the morning and it makes it much easier for me to walk. I'm 89 years old. I also use it when I go to church and have to kneel.”


"I was visiting my daughter in California after my back surgery. I was still in a lot of pain. Someone sprayed my back with Naturally Painless and I got immediate relief from the spray! I use it all the time now. I've taken a lot of pain medicine, but nothing gives me as much relief as Painless. I will never be without it."

Carol Rice

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"I am amazed with the results of Naturally Painless. I have had migraine headaches for years. Typically when I got a headache, it meant at least a day in bed, and that was just that. I was at a party a few weeks ago, and my husband got a sample of Naturally Painless. I got a headache that developed into a migraine. We left the party and when we got in the car, my husband suggested that we try the Painless. We sprayed some on and drove around the corner to a stop light. At the stop light, I began chattering away and laughing with my husband. All of a sudden I realized that my headache was GONE. It was that quick. I couldn't believe it. Since that time, I have used Naturally Painless for many aches and pains such as menstrual cramps and muscle soreness and it handles each ache and pain immediately!"

C. Robbins

"Painless spray is amazing. I've had numerous incidents occur where a few sprays of Painless and I felt 100% better. I kick box and it's tough on my knees, hips and lower back...Some nights I can't move so I spray it on and the relief is instant and I'm asleep in no time. My mom has arthritis very bad in her knees. Now I have her using Painless on a regular basis and she can walk and bend without her normal pain. It also made the leg swelling go down. It's my answer to aches and pains!"

B. Levine

"I have run out of Painless and the whole family is in a panic! We use it for everything from sore muscles to congested lungs. Painless is the best product for First Aid and speeding healing that we've ever used!"

Ellen W.

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"I use this spray a lot...It works! I banged my knee on a drawer at work and it hurt me for a year. I sprayed it every day with Painless for 2 weeks and the pain disappeared and never came back. It stopped hurting...It's like a miracle!"

Susan O'Hearn

"My shoulder had been aching for two months. I went to a chiropractor for it, and was using heat on it to ease the pain. After spraying on Naturally Painless, within 24 hours the perpetual ache went away. This was a few days ago. I only used Naturally Painless a couple times and haven't used it since because I didn't have any of the product. Now, days later, if I move my shoulder in certain directions there will be some soreness but it doesn't bother me and that perpetual ache hasn't come back."

Barbara G.

"I had a pounding headache one night at work. It was bad! Heavy pain in the base of the skull that goes up and around the head to the front like a tight band pressing in on my skull. Judy sprayed some Painless on the base of my skull and the pain subsided almost instantly. Then she sprayed my forehead a few minutes later and the headache disappeared. I was amazed. I loved it and recommend it to anyone! Thanks."

Maggie P.

I work quite a bit in construction and when I'm not doing that I'm working at a desk.  One afternoon I had an incredible pain in my lower back.  So bad I couldn't stand...  I couldn't sit for that matter either!  I think I created a new body position that day! I sprayed Naturally Painless on my lower back and in a matter of minutes I could move around again and get back to work!

J. Cobb

"I used Naturally Painless on a toothache. It completely handled the pain each time I applied it. Within about 10 sprays, the pain was completely gone and has never returned to date. We use this product when my husband has neck aches and head aches. Time and again it immediately handles the problem. In fact, the frequency with which he gets this problem has diminished greatly from once a month or more to every couple of months. I recommend Naturally Painless to everyone! It DOES WORK and all of a sudden you find, you no longer have the pains that have bothered you for however long you've had them!"

Kim H.

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