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Pilates Basics

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Health concerns have risen in recent years due to the links between obesity and a number of diseases and physical ailments which has caused a lot of diets and exercise programs to hit the market. While jogging and regimens such as jazzercise were the options of the past, today's health conscious consumer has a vast array of exercise and workout routines from which to choose. A growing favorite of many is the Palates program which has been compared by many to yoga, a philosophy of treating a person mentally and physically.

One of the critical components of the Pilates program is strength building. It emphasizes slow but deliberate, forceful and repetive motions to aid in increasing muscle mass and endurance. As with any exercise regimen, you will need to stick with it for the long haul to reap the true benefits. You will need to periodically check your heart rate, breathing, and other physiological factors to be certain that you are not putting too much stress on your body.

Balance is another goal and benefit to this activity. As we age, we sometimes lose the natural balance that comes with a coordinated stance and supple limbs. That is why it helps to do exercises like Pilates that emphasize the synergy of varied muscle groups and ensures that body parts work together for an overall workout. Adherents may find that they move more evenly and can do a number of physical activities with force and balance that previously were difficult to manage.

An increased mental focus is an additional benefit of the Pilates regimen. Just as with yoga, people using the Pilates system must learn to concentrate on specific items and goals while completing physical activities meant to build muscle strenth and coordination. Benefits are maximized in this process because the concentration helps the practitioner complete each activity correctly while reducing the chances of injury. Improvements in circulation have been credited in aiding practitioners to think more clearly after workouts.

On the hunt for an exercise regimen to help you shed some excess pounds while building muscle tone and sharpening mental acuity? Then look no further than the Pilates exercise system and check with local exercise and health centers for sessions being offered in your area. Make sure you sign up so that you can see for yourself the full range of benefits that the Pilates regimen offers. Most find themselves amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of the program which is probably part of the reason why so many celebrities use Pilates as their exercise program.

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