Recommended Daily Vitamins

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What are the Recommended Daily Vitamins

Everyone should supplement their diet with daily recommended vitamins because we don't always get them each day from the foods we eat and the benefits of these daily recommended vitamins should not be left out when making a nutrition plan and some of our bodies do not make or absorb these vitamins the way it should so supplements can fulfill these deficiencies. Your physician can order blood work to find out if your body is not making enough of various vitamins.

Vitamin B12 is one that many people are low in and by not producing enough can cause fatigue with moderate to very low energy levels depending on how deficient you are. The benefits of vitamin B12 supplements can change how your body feels and give you energy and lessen fatigue. There are different ways to supplement your diet with B12 such as tablets, caplets, sublingual drops and shots depending on how low your levels actually are which is detected by blood work. The b vitamins are very high in green vegetables. The darker green, such as spinach, the higher the amount of b vitamins. All doses should be printed on the label of the form you choose to use.

A daily multivitamin should be taken everyday preferably in the morning with breakfast. Always read the labels and amounts of vitamins in whatever you choose to buy and follow the dose instructions to achieve the recommended daily vitamins each day. I prefer a one day brand and take it with breakfast so I don't forget to take it.

Omega 3 fish oil supplements are very beneficial for several reasons. They aid in joint lubrication and are also good for the heart and blood flow. You should try to eat foods high in this vitamin atleast three times a week but supplement everyday for the best benefits. There are certain omega 3 rich foods such as fishes which are very high in omega 3. Salmon is an example of one that has a very high content compared to other types of fish but all fish are rich in this beneficial vitamin.

Calcium is another that should be taken because it aids in bone density and strengthening bones and in women especially can help with osteoporosis which is the loss of bone density as we age and can cause bone fractures and extremely poor posture. It can become very dibilitating over time. Calcium can be found in dairy such as milk, yogurt, cheese etc. but we don't always eat enough of these foods daily to make up the recommended daily dose so therefore supplements are beneficial.

Glucosamine Chondroitin is another very good supplement to take for your joints because over time it can help to increase and repair cartilage which is lost with age and overuse of the joints.You may not feel results right away but over time you will notice a difference and if you experience joint pain that may be lessened if not go away all together. Always follow the label dosage for this is a supplement that needs to be taken more than once a day and you may have to gradually increase to reach the full daily dose.

Vitamin C is another very good supplement because it supports the immune system and helps to repair lung tissue which is benficial to smokers. You can get vitamin c from fruits and juices such as orange juice but we don't always consume enough during the day. There are also vegetables high in vitamin c but a supplement can assure that we meet the daily recommended dose.

There are many more supplements on the market that can be beneficial for various reasons but always consult with your physician before taking any supplements because there are some medications that can have reactions when taken with supplements.

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