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How to Spot Someone Using Steroids

It takes years of daily work to achieve the level of physical fitness that a competitive bodybuilder has. Because of this, a lot of new exercise enthusiasts get frustrated when it seems that they aren't making progress as fast as they had hoped that they would. So instead of working harder at their goals, they decide to cheat by using anabolic steroids. This doesn't just cause legal problems and disqualify them from competitions that they enter though. It poses a considerable risk to their health that can be seen by the following symptoms that they start to develop:


Since men already have a naturally higher level of testosterone in their body than a woman does, they can get to be pretty aggressive when they take more of it. Some people call this symptom of steroid use "steroid rage" because it turns normally nice, polite men into angry, raging jerks. In fact, studies have shown that the use of anabolic steroids by men significantly increases the likeliness of them attempting to harm another person.


If the body doesn't have the proper ratio of hormones, an imbalance occurs. So men can take on the attributes of a woman. This can be seen by the development of extra breast tissue and fat around the hips and abdomen. If the anabolic steroids aren't stopped in time, these features can become permanent.

Facial Hair

Women begin to develop more facial hair when they take anabolic steroids, which can be seen by the telltale signs of their "scruffy" skin that would normally be smooth. Their voice gets much deeper too. So sometimes, people who are checking for potential steroid use in a woman know whether or not that they should do a blood test on them by simply talking to them.


Women can develop permanent polycystic ovarian syndrome after just one or two months of using steroids, which makes it nearly impossible for them to get pregnant. Men struggle with having children too because their testicles shrink and their sperm count lowers significantly. These symptoms are a little harder to look for though because sometimes people have children before they begin their steroid use.


Obtaining anabolic steroids is no easy task, so there are times when a bodybuilder will have to wait for a while until they get more of them. But once someone starts taking supplemental testosterone, their body stops producing it. And it doesn't take long for the effects of the deficit to kick in. This leads to constant cravings for testosterone that are so strong, a person will do just about anything to get more of it.


Anabolic steroids damage the liver over time. The easiest way to spot this without testing for raised liver enzymes is to look at the eyes and skin. They will both have a marked yellow appearance.


Fluid retention is common with the use of anabolic steroids too. Look for swollen ankles and feet. It won't be severe enough to stop a bodybuilder from wearing their shoes, but it will be noticeable enough that marks will be left for several seconds if the skin is touched.

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