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Top 3 Weightlifting Tips For New Bikers

If you want to be a good rider you need to be in a good physical shape. We're not talking about the biker dating scene, no, we're talking about the necessary build and strength you need to possess in order to handle your mean machine. Your stamina and endurance need to be good too, but more importantly, you need to focus on improving your core, legs, and arms. The best way to do that is by implementing some basic weightlifting exercises into your daily gym routine. Here are the 3 weightlifting tips every motorcycle rookie needs to check out.

Back Squats With Weights

In order to be one of those strong biker men you always admired, you need to start with your legs. Back squats with weights on your upper back will do the trick. This exercise is rather simple, but you have to be careful not to force yourself straight away. At first, you should definitely start with smaller barbells and then, over time, increase the weight of your equipment.

Of course, there is a correct way to do this exercise. You need to put weights on your upper back and descend into a squat while keeping your torso in the upright position. This particular drill will strengthen your quadriceps, hips, and lumbar spinal erectors. How will back squats improve your riding skills? Well, you will be able to produce more raw force with your legs which means you will be capable of easily absorbing big bumps on the road.

Bench Press

This is one of the most popular weightlifting exercises in all biker clubs across the world. All you need is a proper bench, a bar, and a couple of weights. However, we recommend that you have someone there to spot you, just to be safe. Position your hands just a little bit wider than your shoulder width and slowly pull the bar all the way to your chest. Then, push the bar away from you, but make sure to thrust it at the very same rate you pulled it towards your chest area. Bench press will strengthen your pectoral muscles, triceps, and your shoulders. After you improve these areas, you'll be able to handle the front of your bike more efficiently.

Dumbbell Lunges

If you're a rookie, you should definitely avoid heavy dumbbells. Instead, try holding a 20 lbs dumbbell in each hand while doing this fun exercise. It may seem easy and unchallenging at first, but trust us, you will feel the burn after a few repeats. In order to successfully do these lunges, you need to hold the weights in your hands with your arms hanged downward from your shoulders.

Make sure to stand completely upright with your back straight. Then, take one big step forward until you see that your shin is in an upright position and try to create a 90-degree angle with your front knee. Now, lower the knee on your other leg almost all the way to the ground, but don't touch it!

Don't forget to keep your back straight at all times. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then withdraw your front leg and return to a standing position. Repeat the exact same process with your other leg. This amazing drill will increase the strength of your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It will also improve your core which is crucial for a better control of your motorcycle.

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