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Best Time To Take Your Pre-Workout Supplement

You might be thinking, the best time to take a pre-workout supplement is right before your workout? Right? Well, actually no! In order for it to work just in time for your training session, you need to take different types of pre-workouts at different times. Below, we are going to cover the 3 types of pre-workout supplements and when best to consume them.


When we spoke to the guys at Supplement Express, they told us that this category of pre-workouts are the most popular among both bodybuilders and everyday gym patrons. These type of pre-workouts are generally more focused on less ingredients and more stimulating ingredients that you actually feel. In comparison to some other supplements where they help increase performance but you may not feel an energy / mood boost. In the concentrated version of these supplements you will feel a boost in energy (physically), as well as the energy in your mind (focus, motivation, concentration). The best time to take these type of pre-workout supplements is 15 minutes before your workout, leaving enough time for the supplement to kick in just around the gym you arrive at the gym. As these products usually have a lot of stimulants, it generally take 15-20 minutes to take full effect, so make sure you get to the gym on time!


These pre-workouts focus on a range of ingredients that each contribute to an increase in performance, while also helping to manage recovery. They have a bigger range of ingredients then concentrated pre-workouts, sometime double and tripling their range. In the non-concentrated supplements you get less of a mood boost and more ingredients to help with endurance and explosive energy. As these ingredients are less stimulant focused they generally take a little bit longer to come into effect. Non-concentrated pre-workout supplements should be take 30 minutes before your workout / training session. This leaves enough time for your body to ingest its ingredients and for you to reap the performance benefits.


Pre-workouts that are either made entirely of carbohydrates or a mix of both carbohydrates and energy enhancing ingredients, take more time to take affect then both non-concentrated and concentrated versions of pre-workout supplements. Most of the supplements in this category contain complex carbohydrates, which are known for their long lasting stream of energy. Because of this, these pre-workouts need to be taken 45 minutes before training. This gives the carbohydrate enough time to be semi-digested and ready to provide a constant stream of usable energy throughout a competition or training program.

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