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As a reader to over man, many different magazines, I know that each one of them has their own special features. I've reviewed these related magazines, each with their own distinct styles.

I personally think for best overall bodybuilding Magazine: Flex... give you the best pictures, best bodybuilding articles in terms of getting big!

Muscle Media They have the best info in terms of general questions, and I think that is the best feature of this magazine.

Best original magazine: Ironman Magazine... simple, sweet, and usually very informative without a lot of hype.

Other magazines: Musclemag International, Muscular Development. I like them both, they unusually have good interviews, although their almost nude pictures of fitness women are at the extreme.

Of course there are others, like Natural Bodybuilding, Pump Bodybuilding Magazine, Natural Muscle, etc.

For more info, please click on the title of the magazine. Magazines are in alphabetical order, and more magazine review will be coming soon.

List of bodybuilding magazines and websites:

Flex Magazine Review

IronMan Magazine Review

Muscle & Fitness Magazine Review

Musclemag International Review

Muscle Media Review

Muscular Development Magazine Review

Natural Bodybuilding Muscle Magazine Review

Planet Muscle Review

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